A Sample of the New Line

That girl’s a rocker if there ever were one! Putting her master touch to the new line of Torn Tees accessories with tones of the four seasons combined in a celebration of the solstice that is certain to captivate your senses this winter!

Our First Campus!

This is the workspace where our foundation of the dream, that is not a dream, has been realized and put to action. All hail the gratification of realizing the fruits from the efforts of hard work! Also, the first step toward a Bugatti or a Porsche or something that is for premium butt comfort around hairpin […]

New Color Samples!

After many measurements we have found our latest color palette for the new line of tees! You are going to love the fresh cuts that are being devised at the Torn Tees campus. This season we are going for a color scheme we are calling Bright Earth. You will find the colors gratify the spectrum while […]